by carl wilson

I type an I, I type a space, I type a T,
I type a Y, I type a P, I type an E ...


... to say that in a couple of hours - at 8 pm - I will be attending the Kenneth Goldsmith reading at Lexiconjury, upstairs at Bar Italia on College St. (With Barbara Cole and Darren Wershler Henry.) Besides being a creator of curious wordworks, Kenny G. is a DJ at weirdest-radio-station-in-America WFMU, and the publisher of UbuWeb, which is The Best Thing On The Internet. (And I'll stand on YouTube's coffeetable in my cowboy boots and say that.) If you're in the neighbourhood, why don'tcha come too?

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Ubuweb? Holy shit! I think I just fell in love. Thanks for the link, Carl.

Posted by Graham on February 21, 2006 07:17 PM



I wonder what time it goes until as I will walk by on my way to the Red Guitar. Hurdy Gurdy player Ben Grossman is playing with a good Celtic band called Joyces Folly.

Hope to see you there carl.

Posted by tim on February 21, 2006 06:53 PM




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