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At the risk of exacerbating Destroyer fatigue: Popsheep is currently offering three more gems from the pirate's chest of Bejarian ultra-rarities.

Also a reminder to Toronto readers that I'm speaking tonight in the Wavelength anniversary panels at the Speakeasy on Church near Richmond. Panels start at 7, mine should be on sometime after 8, and later there's music from Feuermusic, Kickers, Republic of Safety and Anagram, though I probably can't stay because my flu-cold is building to Scanners proportions in my head.

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> but you didn't say - what does happen when indie kids have indie babies????!

They don't get out to shows nearly as often, sadly.

One panelist made that exact point, which kind of pointed to the larger question of how accomodating "the scene" is, can be, or should be to different demographics, changing lifestyles, etc.

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but you didn't say - what does happen when indie kids have indie babies????!

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The panels were a lot of fun. I missed a few minutes of the opening panel, "What is Indie" which disintegrated into Money vs. Art very quickly. For example, Is a song worse after you've heard it on the radio? Is a live concert inherently worse the larger the venue (ie. Music Gallery or Sneaky Dee's vs. KoolHaus or Docks). It was sort of okay, except for this one guy who talked like me in high school (All I'm trying to say like, is like that like, once you're like, reaching a certain extent of like, success....).

The second panel was Torontopia vs. Dystopia and Trevor Coleman and Johnny Dovercourt were both on it, making it quite exciting. They basically talked about 2003 vs. 2006 and Party (beer) vs Party (politics). Johnny is getting older and wants an organised scene that brings people together for things other than just music. Trevor is young and (like me) wants killer shows and cheap drinks. They're both right.

The third panel was the one with Carl on it and it was a real thinker. It was "Where Do We Go From Here?" and Carl and the others had some great ideas, including Toronto indie communities branching out to one another, forming larger collectives, schools, budilding ownership, etc. One woman called for more all ages shows and another guy on the panel was already making a monthly zine/website dedicated to everything all ages around the city. Someone else called for outdoor shows (thank god someone finally said it). Because I think we all agree that sometimes it seems to be just as much about the beer as about the music.

All in all it's nice to see the 'scene' taking itself a little more seriously, and growing up to realise how fucking important it is to everyone in it.
The music was actually really good, as well, the first band (Fueurmusic) was two guys (a saxophonist and a drummer, playing up-turned plastic buckets) were amazing, and I honestly couldn't tell if they were just jamming or if their songs were rigorously practised.
Second band was Kickers and they rocked as well. Sort of a Sleater-Kinney-ish thing. Two girls, a drummer and guitar-singer and they were a lot of fun and I maybe danced a little.
The other bands were good but you probably know all about that.
That was long, phew.

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What were the panels like?!

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Hey, has anyone seen any other new interviews with Dan Bejar other than the one at sixeyes? FYI, that's a blog.

thanx in advance


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Zoilus by Carl Wilson