by carl wilson

Or, Waiting For R. Kelly

So after all that good conversation and bright ideas in the comments boxes, I'd settled on R. Kelly's Ignition (Remix) as my second National Playlist pick - a bit obvious, I know, but truly one of the great full-system-pleasure singles of the last 10 years - but then the producers informed me I'd overlooked one of their rules: The songs have to have a topical twist, some special "relevance" to "why this song has to be on everybody's playlist right now." Which threw me back out into the void. I toyed with pegging Mingus's Atomic Bomb (thanks, John) to the Iranian nuclear confrontation, but it didn't feel right, and considered going for various Valentine's Day choices (I Feel Love?), but that felt weak. (I'm boycotting V-Day this year anyway.) Eventually I came up with something fun, but it's not quite as "subversive" as we all set out to be yesterday. This has been Lesson 314 in the ongoing series, Why Things Suck -- no, it should still be fun, but not quite as fun as ranting on about the recursive-hall-of-mirrors-as-drunken-party-as-endless-cyclical-time implicit structure of Ignition (Remix), like Usher gone Escher, a song which is about being at a party where they're listening to this song about being at a party where they're listening to this song about being at a party where (etc etc), and about the fact that the "freakin' weekend" will come, it always comes, but then it always ends ... like some R&B; rejoinder to Waiting for Godot:

Kells. After the show it's the after party, and after the party it's the hotel lobby, and round about four you gotta clear the lobby.
Estragon. Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it's awful!
Kells. I'm like, so what, I'm drunk.
Estragon. Nothing to be done.

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How about "Why Can't We Live Together" by Timmy Thomas? A beautiful song yet still slightly raw & quirky (there's a smooooooth Sade cover of it too), and it's at least mildly disruptive of folk/rock/pop hegemony, and it ties in with the whole clash-of-civilizations thing going on. (A funny hed on the CNN site today: "Bush speaks out against cartoon violence." I was thinking Itchy & Scratchy for a second....)

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