by carl wilson

A Black Monday

Too grim today about the apparent spite-driven nosedive of Canadian democracy to chat about music. Canadian readers, if you haven't gotten out to vote yet, please do so, and don't allow the media hype about momentum and landslides to turn your head. I'll be back tomorrow to discuss The Rat King, Laura Barrett and other weekend music experiences, and no doubt to kvetch about the state of confederation. Till then, fingers crossed!

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Oh, and Marco? I think you can deduce my feelings about the endorsement.

Posted by zoilus on January 24, 2006 04:20 PM



The reason there's no NDP presence in Quebec is twofold: First, the Bloc is a social-democratic party, at least nominally. Second, the NDP's never formed a position on Quebec that left-leaning quebecois could accept. (Or really any position at all.) Social democratic issues mainly play out at a provincial level for Quebec, and federal voting has mainly been about determining the relationship between Quebec and Canada, so there's little the NDP can do.

Posted by zoilus on January 24, 2006 04:19 PM



Harris may have devastated Ontario, but it's not from "Christian funadamentalist extreme right cryptofacis[m]". (although, yes, definitely anti-"social state")

Posted by andrew on January 24, 2006 01:41 PM



Fact is, Martin didn't deserve to win... and the minority means that the Cons can't do anything TOO scary. Don't get me wrong though, Prime Minister Harper... yuck. A Christian zealot he may or may not be, but lest we forget, he wanted to send Canadian troops to Iraq.

And the reason they took seats in Quebec is because there are federalists there who couldn't bring themselves to vote Liberal... the real mystery to me is why the NDP has no presence in social-democratic Quebec...

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Guy - fair point about my dwelling out of the country. (Didn't you say the same about yourself?) Although it must be said that I lived in Ontario (and was attending public education) under Harris.

I stand by my points, however. Even if I were to accept the most hysterical aspects of your post - that Harper would go full-tilt hard right if he only could, - it's clear that Canada has not now entered into a "christian fundamentalist extreme right cryptofascist". Instead we have a minority government that is unable to pass any legislation, let alone c.f.e.r.c. legislation, without the support of the guys who were in power for the preceding 12 years, the social-democrat Separatist party, or the bona fide socialist-democrat party.

The much bigger fear is that the Tories -won't- do anything extreme over the next year, and that Canadians will then trust them enough to hand them a majority.

Posted by Sean on January 24, 2006 10:23 AM



what depresses me most is how well the cons did in quebec. i like to think better of quebeckers.

i'm also depressed at how the fox news pundits are gonna declare "victory".

(PS -- and I know you have no control over the matter, but still -- how do you feel about the Globe actually endorsing these cowboys?)

Posted by marco on January 24, 2006 09:56 AM



Hysteria my ass im just calling a spade a spade.

This moral relativism (there are christian fundamentalists in the tories AND in the liberals) smacks of delusion and self justification.

And you know Saen NO, Harper said nothing during the election campaign that was "christian fundamentalist extreme right cryptofascist" because that would have been electroal suicide. Bush said noting about invading Iraq in his election Campaign, Hitler didnt outline his plan for the final solution during his election campaign in 1933 either. Both might not have gotten elected if they did. Dont be so Daft Sean.

Sometimes one needs to read between the lines. In speeches someone delivers when they are the head of the NCC for example. Or by finding out the interesting history of the dad of ones main political mentor . Though sometimes the lines to be read are delivered by???:

"it is perfectly legitimate for someone to take into account their own deeply held faith convictions in developing public policy."

"I do believe a person's religion will be reflected in frame of mind and attitude and outlook."

WHich one is GWB and which one is Harper? You decide

Anyone whoever saw (or cared) how the tories utterly destroyed Ontario for well over a decade wouldnt share your detached sang-froid Sean. WIsh I could.

But then again its easy to be so cool about things Sean when you arent living in Canada eh?

At least its only a Minority Govt.

Posted by guy tanentzapf on January 24, 2006 09:56 AM



I'm not a Conservative shill (by any stretch of the imagination) but ... Alberta is and always will be part of Canada. The economic centre of this country is shifting west towards the Calgary-Edmonton-Vancouver triangle. This election is just a reflection of that and it's no need to demand the seperation of Alberta from Canada. That's just ridiculous.

Albertans, however conservative they may be, are good Canadians; to be left wing and from the GTA are not the only markers of Canadian-hood. Perhaps you should actually go visit small town Alberta and have your attitude shifted beyond "Latteland"...

Posted by Graham on January 24, 2006 09:17 AM



Oh, nonsense, guy. Calling the Conservative Party's existing platform "christian funadamentalist extreme right cryptofacist" is both almost fraudulently inaccurate, and also deflates one's ability to justifiably say such things if their policies veer in that direction. Certainly there are christian fundamentalists in the Conservative party. (Ditto the Liberals.) Certainly a few are "extreme right". But Harper didn't propose *any* policies that are "christian fundamentalist extreme right cryptofascist", and it seems extremely unlikely that under this minority gvmt (with an increased NDP presence, even), he'll have the chance to lead things to the right of where they were in his platform.

If Harper wins a majority in a year or two, your hysteria would be at least comprehensible.

Posted by Sean on January 24, 2006 07:27 AM



Having decided to move back to north america next year I am faced with a woderful choice. I can live under either of two christian funadamentalist extreme right cryptofacist anti social state regimes. Oh Joy. I am going to continue my work towards sepratism, the seperation of Alberta from Canada. I would much rather have GWB run my country, at least his brand of neo-con is not anti-semitic.

I am left to take comfort in the fact that its a lame duck Govt. I just hope Jack Layton fucking lets him have it.

Nonetheless I am ashamed to be a Canadian abroad today. Ashamd to belong to a country that has chosen such a terrible terrible man to run the show.

Posted by guy Tanentzapf on January 24, 2006 06:26 AM



Oops, somehow sent that last comment inadvertently via my right wrist. But I didn't have too much more to say, other than letting you know that the first year is the toughest. I barely made it through the year after GWB's re-election, and I only did so thanks to the impassioned, intelligent, and committed writing of many members of our little politically-aware, improv-enjoying corner of the net. That, and watching the evil dunce's confidence whittled down a bit here and there. Hang tough, or as they say here in Amsterdam, "sterkte!"

Posted by MEM on January 24, 2006 05:50 AM



I voted for the first time today. It's Thanks in part to your persuasive post (and also my mum's persuasive threats).


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Well, it looks like Iggy is taking my riding. At least Peggy is leading in my old neighbourhood.

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