by carl wilson

Tiny Mixed Feelings

I'm intrigued by this list, as well as the many new-to-me names in this one, and these all look better than the records I got this year, and this is remedial education for those of us who were looking the other wrong way.

Otherwise, with Zoilus' 2005 list hung (see below) by the chimney with care, that's it for posts for the next week or so. I'll be online but in and out of town, and using some of the time to refresh the links and other side pages. Keep discussing this year's music (or next year's!) in the comments boxes - I'll jump in if the spirit moves me - and we'll chat again before New Year's. Peace and festive pleasures to you all meanwhile, and (I don't say this often enough) ... thank you so much for reading. It would have been a real drag if nobody showed up.

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Just had to chime in to second the nods to Primes and Dandi Wind on the Canadian list. Definitely some of the best stuff happening in Vancouver (until Dandi moved to Montreal) for those of us who don't go for the whole Black Mountain scene (yeah, there are a couple of us).

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Music began and ended with Perry Como, my friend.

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Hey Carl,

Thanks for linking to the list we posted on AYF? :). Any time you want to discuss/argue the philosophy of videogames, drop me a line.

Josh, if everyone felt that "unrecognizeable" bands weren't worth checking out, we'd be up a fucking creek, as they say. Do you speak for the Torontoist as a whole, when you expound the popularist m/o?

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i haven't seen tangiers pop up on any year-end lists in any category. seems as though a lot of people have jumped ship as of late. but while I was disappointed that Hot New Spirits and NBYP weren't proclaimed the greatest rock albums of their respective years, I must admit to sharing the popular indifference to the new album.

that said, i think the deadly snakes have finally achieved a measure of recognition this year after a decade of toiling, which is good to see.

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Josh, the "Canadian-centric" list is actually titled, "The Alternative List of Canadian Bands By A Few of The Other Canadian Bloggers," an alternative to I Heart Music's poll a few weeks ago I assume. And I did say the hip-hop list was remedial. I really am about nine months behind on hip-hop in about every way, ever since my dad died (and then the subsequent disruptions) - as I am on every category outside "bands in Toronto" and "records people send me in the mail" (I'm only about four months behind on the latter).

I liked StG's list but again it was almost all indie rock. I'm looking forward to spending Jan. listening to everything else.

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one is canadian-centric (arcade fire?), one is all obvious hip-hop (sans kanye, i guess) and one is totally unrecognizable. no off-ense, none of these lists are intriguing to me. i'd even say i take offense to got purp on any sort of list. but i guess that's the way of the beast. i liked said the grammophones the best of anything thus far (of course i got that from zoilus too.)

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