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Not so much for the holidays, but in general: The indispensible WFMU blog links us up to a 1972 Captain Beefheart video that's revelatory to those of us who have mostly images of Don Van Vliet as a somewhat older man lodged in our heads, while unfortunately being a performance of a song that's not much good. Much better is the TV ad for The Spotlight Kid which is a great example of topsy-turvey marketing: The point of this commercial isn't, "This album is good," but, "This album will confuse your square friends and family." Not a noble tactic, but an effective and amusing one.

Also, since Finland is the next "it" country in underground music (I'm not kidding: If 2005 was Canada's year, 2006 may well be Finland's), get yourself or your aspiring internationally-unknown-frontperson friend or relative prepared now by learning to sing in Finnish. (Via Paul Collins, a favourite nonfiction writer I'm delighted to see blogging.)

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Lick my decals off baby...thanks for those FMU links. I have been remiss in my celebration of great freaks from the last century...he was a rock and roller, after all. Fast and Bulbous, just the way we like it. Happy Holidays everyone...may the fat white man leave you happy and well fed and may the candles burn bright. I was hoping for Mauri Hip Hop (thinking of the great video possibilities), but New Zealand will do for 2006.

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2006 will belong to New Zealand hip-hop.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson