by carl wilson

Canada Seeks Silver Jews,
With Paly of Six Argent and Gules
on a Chief Azure, a Lion Passant

David Berman's the Silver Jews, whose latest album might be on my best-of-the-year list if I were going to make one, are embarking on their first tour in the history of Judeo-Christian civilization. It transpires in March. While it hews northeasterly, thus far it does not cross the border. Brave Toronto promoters! Unsheath thy cellular phones from their scabbards and bring yon silvery semites to our citadel on this their arduous journey! For damn sure!

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silvery semites. nice. That almost excuses your use of Judeo-Christian, carl.

happy judeo-christmas, everyone. take care out there,

(always get 'silver bells' running through my head when I think of the silver jews, anyway)

Posted by la spitz on December 16, 2005 11:26 PM




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