by carl wilson

Alert! Hot Jazz Tip

I've just heard that the Sabir Mateen Quartet is playing Toronto tonight. Sabir is a monster free-jazz sax player, who's played with Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, Bill Dixon, Sunny Murray, Horace Tapscott, William Parker, Hamid Drake and the guerilla jazz-noise quartet TEST. Tonight's group features another prominent Cecil sideman, Raphe Malik, on trumpet as well as Raymond King on piano and Ravish Momin on drums and tablas. Toronto's Mark Hundevad will guest on vibes. The gig is at the Cabbagetown Community Arts Center, 454 Parliament St, just south of Carlton, at 9 pm, $20. I can't go. But you should.

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Never mind...I just read the last line of the alert. Shame...anyone else want tell me how it was?

Posted by Phil on December 9, 2005 12:39 PM



Damn. That sounds like a hot night in Cabbagetown. I hope you can regail us with a little review, for those of us far away in the hinterlands.

Posted by Phil on December 9, 2005 12:38 PM




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