by carl wilson

Are We Calling It 'Art Rock' Again?

It's better than the term indie, anyway. Even though I've been using that term all over the place this week. Not sure I'm going to get to Destroyer today, but wanted to mention in advance that I've got a piece coming up in The Globe on Friday and another in (ahem) the Sunday New York Times.

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Posted by adrianne curry on January 5, 2006 08:04 PM



Be it drugs, explosives
or even cancers the olfactory capability of the dog needs to be exploited.
Surely it would behoove us to try and implant some human genes into a dog to make it easier to communicate with the animal.

Posted by Herry on December 26, 2005 03:15 AM



I happen to know that Trevor Haldeby is a huge fan of Roxy Music, so he meant nothing upsetting by his art-rock comment.

Posted by Steve Birek on December 9, 2005 06:16 PM



Congrats on the NYT piece! I actually finally got around to subscribed to delivery of the Sunday NYT, with the first edition set to arrive this weekend, so now I know there will be at least one worthwhile article in there...

Posted by Greg Clow on December 9, 2005 03:56 PM



Hey boys and girls.

wasnt into starting world war three just taking the piss.


Grime is something i wipe off my computer screen

Dubstep isnt really a word. It doesnt exist in my dictionary.

I dont know what either of these words means in the musical universe. If someone wrote a review describing that this cd was a really good grime cd i would have no clue. And i'm a hip downtown kind of guy. What would my dad do? this is too bad for the critic and too bad for my dad. Bceuase pa wont read the review about the grime cd and not buy the grime cd and miss out. Personally i think my 59 yr old romanian-israeli dad sitting in north york listening to dire straits would friggin love getting down with some hot dubstep action.

Also luca:
If i told you to buy the reunion album of the brides of funkenstain and every song on it had the word funk in the title it still wouldnt explain to my dad why he should switch off that zamfir greatest hits cd and put some bootsy on instead.

Carl baby. We will pick this up when im in da t dot over the hannukah holidays. Have you checked out the levees cd yet?


Posted by guy tanentzapf on December 8, 2005 07:28 PM




i would make a distinction between cheap catchphrases and incisive turns of phrase, and i'm sure and critic worth his/her salt (which excludes a lot of the fanboy lexiconophiles over at pitchfork) would agree. sheesh...

and why do names for music have to be a purely critical invention anyway? just try and count the number of funk songs with "funk" in the title. they're usually talking about how great "funk" is. or look at houston and how much pride they have for in the home of the "screw". or jungle, etc. etc....

Posted by luca Lucarini on December 8, 2005 04:18 PM



but describing music solely by its sound isn't sufficient either. sometimes genres and scenes (which DO have some kind of reality in the minds of the music makers and core audience at least) cannot be individuated merely by musical qualities alone. cf. is it dubstep or is it grime w/o vocals type debates, which seem to mean something to the people involved. all of which is to say that "names" aren't just the the product of critical laziness.

and nobody best be layin' no hate down on Roxy.

Posted by andrew on December 8, 2005 03:31 PM



Dudes! The title was, like, a joke! Chill!

That said... Nice meeting you too, Trevor. But I hope you weren't trying to imply anything about Roxy Music there. Because then we'd have to send the swishy stormtroopers to take your temperature, if you know what I mean. And so nice to see Guy sticking his head up, too. And all of you. Oh, the love.

Posted by zoilus on December 8, 2005 03:17 PM



Listen luca dude.

Coming up with names is lazy. A lazy rock critic relies of cheap catch phrases. The result is the piece of doo doo that is pitchfork. Its also elitist because if you dont know what post jazz salsa funk is you are obviously a big nerd unlike those who are in the know.

If you cant describe what a band sounds like without calling it a name you need to go back to rock criticism school. The saving space issue is of course an issue but if you arent explaining to the people what the band sounds like carefully what the fuck is in your rock review anyway?

Art Rock is a really terrible name. First because it assumes all other forms of music arent art (if this is ART rock everything else is not arty or has less artistic worth. an idea which is repulsive crypto fascist and demands a bitch slap. Iris Dement has more art in her little fingernail than emerson, lake and palmer or the animal collective in their entire being)

Secondly, art rock suggests a bunch of dwarves dancing around a miniature stonehenge. Like in a movie i once saw.

Thirdly rent "the song remains the same" DVD and pay attention to the "fantasy sequences", n'uff said.


Posted by Guy tanentzapf on December 8, 2005 02:06 PM



why is it so bad to come up with names for music? there must be more to music criticism than just identifying a tune as good or bad?

i think art rock is apropos because it says a lot about the social/discursive context of a lot of the music being created in toronto right now.

Posted by luca lucarini on December 8, 2005 11:18 AM



The sunday New york freeking times? Prey Tell!

As for terminoIogy. How about we forget art rock or indie rock or indie pop or grandma jinglejangle twist.

I propose "Good Music"

There are are only two kinds of music:
Type a) Shite music
Type b) Good music. Some music is 75% good and 25% shite. Sometimes its the other way around.

All other titles are not required.

Posted by Guy tanentzapf on December 8, 2005 10:12 AM



art-rock is a way better term imo.

how's it going carl?

Posted by luca on December 8, 2005 09:53 AM



This has me all confused inside...

Posted by Greg on December 8, 2005 03:51 AM



Does anyone know what's up with the C's dress code that was mentioned before but has suddenly been dropped? I'd like to not get turned away at the door for not being as stylish as others.

Posted by craig! on December 7, 2005 11:36 PM



'Art Rock' implies about as much to me as 'Math Rock,' which is to say, not particularly much. The largest trend-setting names used in the labeling of styles of music tend to grate on me - I tend hear the name, and then miss any of the associated acts or artists through the next six months of contemplation.

Emo was supposed to be some sort of performance-art magic, unveiling the human soul in bare spectacles of Artaudian assault.
[Arcade Fire has come amazingly close to my initial daydream-deconstructions of the movement's name - during those sob-drenched ecstasies of emotional expulsion]

Math Rock was supposed to usher in a new era of popular generative music.

Art Rock implies.... well, it implies Roxy Music, that's what it implies!

Good old linguistic perception, always gettin' me into trah-bal!

Nice to see you this evening, Carl, hope you got home in early-time-enough to write up some Destruction-oyer!

Posted by Trevor on December 7, 2005 10:45 PM




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