by carl wilson

Distillery Jazz Bites the (Temporary?) Dust

A note just arrived from Toronto Distillery Jazz festival director Larry Rossignol that there will not be a fourth spring festival in 2006: "The festival, held since 2003 each May in Toronto's Distillery Historic District, has not been able to secure sufficient corporate sponsorship to continue planning a spring 2006 festival." The cause seems to be that prime sponsor Dynamic Funds pulled out and so far has not been replaced. The festival featured over a hundred shows a year and showcased innovative local jazz musicians in a way no other large Toronto festival has, along with multimedia and other experiments.

"The Distillery Jazz Festival has been a big hit in every way. In 2005 we attracted a record 50,000 patrons and earned significant critical acclaim for our innovative programming. We keep our ticket prices as low as possible and also offer a significant number of free concerts thus making significant corporate sponsorship crucial to financial health."

They say they're aiming for October of 2006 as an alternate date.

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I hope Larry can pull it off again as it seems to get better every year. I would like to point out however that our friend Larry has "cried wolf" every year as far back as I can remember.

perhaps that is a modern fundraising technique?

Posted by tim on November 28, 2005 03:29 PM



I'm not suprised about this, the organization of distillery jazz was pitiful and on top of that the venue has no infrastructure to hold concerts (everything has to be rented, brought in and installed) therefore the costs are higher than elsewhere. We do need a festival like this in our city but perhaps under different management...

Posted by bec on November 28, 2005 11:09 AM




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