by carl wilson

Runnin' Up That Thar Hill

Kate Bush: The higher the hair, the closer to a deal with God.

If there's anyone out there trying to come up with a birthday present for me (it's Dec. 23), here's what I want: a country-bluegrass version of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill. Ideally with a female singer, but it could be a man with a nice high lonesome tenor, I suppose. I can almost hear it - the rolling drum-machine pattern taken over by a banjo, the higher synthesizer part played by a fiddle-stringbass duo, the parallel-fifths harmonies - but I can't literally hear it, and I really really want to.

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ever hear the live greg dulli/twilight singers version of "cloudbusting"? excellent, and well worth a search on a file-sharing program to hopefully find it.

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I'll get started next week.

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You know about Kiki & Herb's amazing cabaret version of it, right?

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson