by carl wilson

Zoilus the Gramophone

Pleased to advise you that I have a lengthy guest post up today on Said the Gramophone, one of the first and still one of the most gracefully curated and written audioblogs in existence (based in Ottawa & Scotland). The piece is a spotlight on the guitarist-improviser-composer Eric Chenaux (of the Reveries, Drumheller, Chenaux-McAdorey, Tristanos, Guayaveras, Chenaux-Arnold, Draperies, and Rat-drifting Records), one of Toronto's most radiant but under-spotlit artists.

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lovely. but does bejar know yr quoting him without footnoting? i know you have special dispensation and all ...

there should be a caution on that Love Don't Change album not to listen while drunk. Esp. #3.
And i didn't realize til this week the connection to king cobb, must've been having babies or something, but it makes sense absolutely. You already mentioned, but jonny's interview in the current Musicworks is super.

oh, and i appreciated the gloss on the term, zoil; now I know that i'm just a dirty, dirty rat-drifter.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson